Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What we are reading #3 - Hannah Martin

In preparation for our upcoming event with Hannah Kent, I began reading Burial Rites and WOW was I impressed.

For such a young author – being only seven years older than myself – and for it being her first novel, I was so impressed by the level of sophistication in her writing, and the incredible insight into the stories of historical Iceland.

Knowing nothing of the tale of Agnes
Magnúsdóttir myself, I was immediately hooked on her tale of fear, love and hardship.

The story, which is set in Iceland, focuses on a poor servant who has been sentenced to death for murder. In a day without the art of forensic science that we have today, Hannah Kent shows the power of words, rumours and authority, and how that alone can be sufficient cause for a death sentence.

Hannah Kent heard about the story of
Magnúsdóttir when she was on exchange in Iceland as a teenager, and has based her book on historical information that she has researched over a number of years, along with local stories from Icelanders.

This would have to be my favourite read so far in 2013, and I think it will be hard to beat it.

I am very excited to meet Hannah Kent, I am sure that she will have an incredible range of knowledge and experiences that will be thrilling to listen to.

For anyone that has shared my love for this book, or is interested in reading it, come in to Book and Paper to buy the book or a ticket to the Hannah Kent Event ($25.00, including a glass of champagne and beautiful Italian appetizers)
If you have any comments please feel free to post below, I would love to hear any other reactions to the book.


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