Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Official Booksellers!

It has very recently been announced that Book and Paper will be the official booksellers of the Annual Williamstown Literary Festival.
Angela Altair kindly said that it is fitting to have a Williamstown bookstore as the Williamstown bookseller, and of course we think so too!

It shall be a great weekend full of interesting and stimulating literary events, and we are thrilled to be given the opportunity to be a part of it.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces, and hopefully some new ones too.

Festival Weekend: Friday 31 May - Sunday 2 June 2013

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Upcoming Events


Last minute alert - MaryAnne Bennie is back!

MaryAnne Bennie was here at Book and Paper not long ago, and transformed the homes of some of our customers at her From Stuffed to Sorted workshop, and tomorrow night (Thursday 11th October) she is kindly returning to help us transform even the most hopelessly messy and disorganised study into one that is fantastically organised.

Tickets are $40, including a signed copy of Paper FLow, a glass of bubbly and the workshop.
Get in quick, there arent many tickets left!

Contact Book and Paper on 9397 7784 or by email at

Also -
Make sure you enquire about our upcoming event with David Hill, we are working with the Williamstown Library to make this event fantastic. See the events part of our webpage for more details.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Successful Event with Sally Rippin
Hey Jack! and Billy B Brown
On Thursday the 6th of September, Sally Rippin joined us at Book and Paper to sign copies of her very popular series' Hey Jack! and Billie B Brown.
It was a fantastic success, with lots of young fans coming down to see the fun and exciting author.
Both the Billie B Brown and the Hey Jack! series', written by Australian author Sally Rippin, have 'taken off' in the children's young reader section.
Billie B Brown, follows a young 'tom boy' on all of her adventures through life. Sally Rippin aims to offer a change in character to young girls, steering away from 'fairies and princesses'.
Hey Jack! follows stories of Billie B Brown's neighbour Jack, again aiming to appeal to the boys who didn't identify with spies and superheroes.
Both Stories are a fantastic read, and are appealing to a wide range of early reading boys and girls!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

What We Are Reading #2 - Hannah Martin

Sarah's Key - Tatiana de Rosney

'Emotionally intense' doesn't even begin to describe the emotion in this book, Tatiana de Rosney takes the character of a little Parisian girl, in the middle of the Vel' d'hiv, where the French Police conducted a roud-up of the Jewish men, women and children living in Paris. Sarah's Key, tells the story of one little girl striving to go back to Paris to try and save the life of her younger brother, who is locked in their secret hiding place waiting for her return.

De Rosney illustrates the lack of French (and worldwide for that matter) knowledge of the role that the French police and government had in the Holocaust, with the use of a 2002 French/American reporter who discovers the tragedy that occured within this particular family.

This book, whilst being terribly tragic and sad, is beautifully written and has a fantastic story and ending.

The word enjoyment seems to be the wrong word to describe a novel about such an awful history, but this book has easily ranked highly in my favourites, along with The Book Thief, Boy in the Stiped Pyjamas, Jasper Jones and To Kill a Mockingbird. (Yes, I am well aware there is a bit of a theme)

Highly reccomend for those who are interested in a new take on the Holocaust, or just a beautifully written novel!

Hannah Martin

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gift Fair

This week Sue and Wenche attended the gift fair in Melbourne - where they were overwhelmed with the array of beautiful cards, and gifts that are available. There were lots of beautiful things to look at (a little too much fun to be work). Book and Paper are sure to be getting in some amazing cards and other magnificent things in store - so keep an eye out over the next few weeks!

Join us on facebook for more regular updates, we will try and post some pictures of the new additions to the 'paper & gift' section of our shop, and of course come in any time for a browse in store, at 20 Ferguson Street, Williamstown 3016.

What We Are Reading - Hannah Martin

To all those crime lovers out there, if you haven't yet read Michael Robotham's books then you are missing out! Yes they have been out for quite a while, but only just now have I joined the Robotham band wagon, and I honestly doubt that I will ever be able to get off it.

Shatter - which I read first, is a psychological thriller that has you hooked from the very first line, Robotham delves into the inner workings of the human mind, with a psychologist (professor Joe O'Loughlin) as the main character, as he works with the police to solve a series of mysterious murders with an absent,unseen and manipulative killer.I don't want too give to much away in terms of story line - would hate to ruin it for everyone else.
As with the following books of his that I have read (The Suspect, Lost) it is impossible to pick the ending, with an amazing twist always challenging the way that you think! Highly highly recommend!

For those who agree with me (and I don't think there are many that wouldn't) there is more to be excited about - Robotham is soon to be releasing his new book, Say You're Sorry, which will be released on the 17th of August. 

We will be sure to stock this one at Book and Paper, so make sure you come in and get your hands on it!

Hannah Martin - Book and Paper Williamstown

Great Reads!

Even though we are finding it impossible to keep up with the demand for the Fifty Shades of Grey series, it is certainly not the only popular book out at the moment!

Anna Funder's All That I Am, winner of the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award, is a fantastic read with love, friendship, war, betrayal, politics and most of all passion. Not only has it won the prestigious Miles Franklin award, but also the Indie Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards Book of the Year, and the Barbara Jefferis Award. Definitely worth reading!

Popular Premier Steve Bracks has released A Premier's State, which delves into his own personal thoughts and ambitions, and talks about everything from the impact of public life on his family, to forming minority government with independents. On the 19th of September at Ragusa Restaurant on Nelson Place, we will be having an event with Mr. Bracks in conversation with Tim Pallas, who worked as his chief of staff. Bookings essential so if you are interested, you had better get in quickly before places sell out!

 For more suggestions of some new, interesting and impossible to put down reads, come in store at Book and Paper, we will endeavour to find you a book that you can't put down!