Sunday, 9 September 2012

Successful Event with Sally Rippin
Hey Jack! and Billy B Brown
On Thursday the 6th of September, Sally Rippin joined us at Book and Paper to sign copies of her very popular series' Hey Jack! and Billie B Brown.
It was a fantastic success, with lots of young fans coming down to see the fun and exciting author.
Both the Billie B Brown and the Hey Jack! series', written by Australian author Sally Rippin, have 'taken off' in the children's young reader section.
Billie B Brown, follows a young 'tom boy' on all of her adventures through life. Sally Rippin aims to offer a change in character to young girls, steering away from 'fairies and princesses'.
Hey Jack! follows stories of Billie B Brown's neighbour Jack, again aiming to appeal to the boys who didn't identify with spies and superheroes.
Both Stories are a fantastic read, and are appealing to a wide range of early reading boys and girls!

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