Sunday, 19 August 2012

What We Are Reading #2 - Hannah Martin

Sarah's Key - Tatiana de Rosney

'Emotionally intense' doesn't even begin to describe the emotion in this book, Tatiana de Rosney takes the character of a little Parisian girl, in the middle of the Vel' d'hiv, where the French Police conducted a roud-up of the Jewish men, women and children living in Paris. Sarah's Key, tells the story of one little girl striving to go back to Paris to try and save the life of her younger brother, who is locked in their secret hiding place waiting for her return.

De Rosney illustrates the lack of French (and worldwide for that matter) knowledge of the role that the French police and government had in the Holocaust, with the use of a 2002 French/American reporter who discovers the tragedy that occured within this particular family.

This book, whilst being terribly tragic and sad, is beautifully written and has a fantastic story and ending.

The word enjoyment seems to be the wrong word to describe a novel about such an awful history, but this book has easily ranked highly in my favourites, along with The Book Thief, Boy in the Stiped Pyjamas, Jasper Jones and To Kill a Mockingbird. (Yes, I am well aware there is a bit of a theme)

Highly reccomend for those who are interested in a new take on the Holocaust, or just a beautifully written novel!

Hannah Martin

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